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How to add CBD into your daily work life

With the CBD industry pushing through the initial scrutiny of ‘the unknown’, it’s understandable that some are left with a lingering influenced opinion, but most are starting to turn to CBD to add some calm into their, otherwise stressful, working day. So, how can you comfortably enjoy CBD at work?

Clearing up some of the confusion, CBD has no psychoactive effects. IT WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH.

It is fine to have and go about your working day. Nearly our entire office enjoys CBD daily, and would you believe it? Here we all are, fully functioning, reading in depth studies and writing informative articles, as well as managing all the other workings of a business.

To ensure you feel happy to have CBD in the workplace without worrying that you could be called into the big office, here are the legal bits. CBD oil, edibles and e-liquids are all legal. There is no law to say that you cannot vape inside buildings, including work. This means that it is at the companies’ discretion and you will need to check your workplace policies. This has caused some ex-smokers to feel disheartened to quit cigarettes as they do not have a designated vaping area away from smokers.

 “Employers may want to consider a separate e-cigarette smoking area external to work premises” – ACAS

For this reason, try having CBD in other ways that avoids any hassle at all. These are our top five ways to add CBD into your daily work life.

CBD Tea or Coffee

Having a cuppa at work isn’t anything out of the ordinary, and what with the health boom, the tea industry offers a wide range of herbal teas. Your herbal CBD tea will not stand out in the crowd of cups gathered in the staff kitchen and will easily fit into your usual work routine.

CBD Water

Water infused with CBD is now trickling its way into the industry and another very easy way to add CBD without any extra effort at all.

CBD Snacks

If you are a desk grazer then CBD snacks, otherwise known as edibles, will suit you. You can get CBD chocolate, gummies, and even popcorn! For those that are avoiding snacking, another CBD edible you can consider are the capsules that people have when taking their daily supplements.

Cooking with CBD

Bulk cooking for the week is a total time saver. Adding CBD oil or paste to your list of ingredients is easier than you think and means you can have a CBD lunch break every day.


You may be more of an ‘eat fresh’ kind of person rather than cooking in bulk. In which case, CBD oil will probably fit your bill a little better. There are a few names for this, CBD oil, oil drops or tinctures. You can consume this directly by holding a few drops under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing or some people use a few drops in their tea, coffee or even as a salad drizzle!

With CBD businesses blossoming into a fully-grown industry, it is only a matter of time until we see many more joining the CBD movement that is rapidly on the rise. Have a great day at work everyone.

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