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Rules for the Green Screenings festival

Any short films submitted should be between 1 and 15 minutes. Any submissions that fall outside this length may not be selected unless a special exception is made.

Filmmakers retain any existing copyright, ownership and rights to their films.

As we have a mainly English-speaking audience, projects should be submitted in English or have sufficient subtitles if in a different language.

We reserve the right to use stills from your short film in promotional and programming materials for the event, including on social media and in print (with credit to the filmmaker/s).

Our screening team will view and shortlist each of the submitted films and reserve the right to remove films from the festival program.

There is no charge to submit your film to the Green Screenings festival and we do not pay any screening fees.

Upon submitting their projects, filmmakers agree that their film can be played at the virtual Green Screening festival and can be featured on our online channels (with credit to the filmmaker/s).

There is no limit on the number of projects filmmakers can submit, nor the production dates of the film, but it should be noted that we will only screen one film per filmmaker.

It is the sole responsibility of filmmakers to ensure they have all the necessary copyrights, licences, releases and permissions for any media used in their films.

Furthermore, filmmakers will indemnify any persons related to or employed by The CANNAVIST and Orange Fox Media against any claims which may arise due to the filmmakers not acquiring the above.

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