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    The Line-Up


    By Sam Looker

    Jay, a musician, deals with anxiety, online abuse and self-loathing whilst struggling to create a new song. As the pressure and stress build, manifestations of his internal conflicts begin to appear and try to overwhelm him.

    Unofficial Documentary

    By Daniel Smedile

    A satirical look at the celebrity documentaries that have saturated TV schedules and the home pages of our streaming services.


    By Clarence Lin Thein

    Alone on a trampoline, a boy is joined by an unlikely companion who, in her state of intoxication, shares her own story of isolation. 


    By Harry Collins

    A stop-motion animated short film about an adventurer stranded in the snow.

    Iron Closet

    By Harry Collins

    Middle-aged Otto suffers from depression and lives a monotonous and cyclical lifestyle. As he struggles with loneliness, he also seems to bury his true identity and questions about his sexuality emerge.

    Iron Closet begins in the aftermath of Otto’s existential crisis, when he has already ended his own life. Follow Otto on a journey through his afterlife…will he finally embrace his repressed true self in what’s left of his consciousness?

    The Portal

    By Latifu Roberson

    Sent deep into the future to determine the extent of climate change, a man finds the situation exponentially worse. Now he fights for his survival, for the survival of his family and the survival of Earth.

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