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CBD iced coffee is the ultimate cold kick

Abandon your winter warming hot beverages for the frothy frozen kind with our CBD iced coffee.


2 tbsp ground coffee (we used a CBD roast)

100ml boiled water

50ml hemp milk (dairy/oat/coconut also work)

Vanilla coffee syrup to taste (maple syrup as an alternative)

½ a pipette of your chosen CBD oil drops

A handful of ice

Coffee beans for garnish


You will also need:

1 Cafetiere

1 tall glass

1 tall spoon for stirring

Tip: If using coffee beans, we suggest using a CBD roast, such as a bag from Green Coffee Lab. Each cup of coffee contains 10mg CBD, according to the Essex baristas.



1. Brew your coffee in a cafetiere and allow to cool. If you like a dark roast, use more than suggested. Depending on how much time you have, prepare this step the night before so the coffee has cooled entirely overnight.

2. Prepare a glass of ice and pour in the milk.

3. Next, pour in the black coffee slowly to allow the liquid to cool further as it hits the ice.

4. Add your chosen CBD oil drops and syrup to taste and stir.


Barista tip: If CBD food and drinks are your new thing, it’s worth investing in a pack of large, recyclable and reusable pipettes. These are widely available on Amazon for as little as £5.

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