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Eco-conscious CBD brand Hempstro take the spotlight in issue 15.


Company Spotlight: Hempstro

After solidifying themselves as one of the go to CBD businesses in the UK, Hempstro are setting their sights on a more eco-conscious future.

Hempstro has a very interesting take on the whole issue of wellness and one which will resonate with many.

The company says: “Wellness isn’t just about us — it’s about living in a healthy way both within ourselves and in our relationship with the planet that’s our home.”

This is why Hempstro focuses on products that not only promote inner wellness but it is also key that the production process uses techniques that are environmentally friendly.

Company director Bapander Singh is passionate about the wonders of cannabis and is a strong advocate for the plant, calling for a revisited look at the laws that the United Kingdom have had put in place since the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act.

He says having a regulated and taxed cannabis market would move it out of the hands of criminals, control the measurements of THC and remove the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids.

When starting out Hempstro, Bapander was keen on the company having a focus on environmental factors to keep its carbon output to a minimum.

The company only uses naturally-grown and 100 percent organic materials for everything from hemp and CBD products to the bamboo used for its reusable straws.

Hempstro’s flagship products are their CBD POD range which were introduced because the team wanted to offer vaping to consumers, as it is the fastest way for people to consume cannabinoids.

After great success, Hempstro has since released the POD Vibe, packed with 500mg of CBD and is flavoured with natural terpenes, which makes this new product a pleasure for vapers looking to add CBD to their routine.

When looking at packaging options, Hempstro wanted to be as sustainable as possible by using hemp instead of single use plastics.

The CBD vape pods are packed in reusable metal tins rather than cardboard packaging which gets thrown out.

Hempstro has recently just set up its very own carbon neutral credit system introduced by the UN, to receive benefits when the team offset any carbon they produce.

For Hempstro, business is done mainly in their dispensaries and shops across the country, assisting all customers by talking to them about their aches and pains and what products could help.

Barpander told The CANNAVIST that when talking to people looking to try CBD for the first time that ‘it’s all about the education’ to get the best results for that individual.

And education is key, as the staff at Hempstro have been highly trained to help explain the endocannabinoid system and teach them about their body and how CBD supports us.

Barpander stressed the importance of ensuring that all his staff are also well-versed in regulations surrounding the sale of CBD products so that they can give the very best information to customers.

Hempstro has even set up a Facebook group where customers can chat to fellow consumers about all things related to hemp, CBD, health and wellbeing.

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