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Elenzia bottle to promote wellness.


Well… What is Wellness?

Wellness is a state of health that we proactively and continuously endeavour to achieve. When surveyed by McKinsey and Company, 79% of 7,500 respondents in six countries believed that wellness is important. McKinsey reported that consumers view wellness across six dimensions, which we refer to as the Six Betters. They are Better Health, Better Fitness, Better Nutrition, Better Appearance, Better Sleep and Better Mindfulness.

Consumers are striving to improve their wellbeing and are actively seeking out holistic solutions. We focussed on the Six Betters to create elénzia’s ways to achieve wellness.

Ways to Achieve Wellness

Practise Mindfulness

Meditating is defined as a practice in which you focus the mind to increase your awareness and attention. It can take some time, but once you have mastered mindfulness, your mental wellness can improve.

Several food supplements can help improve your mental wellbeing. CBD is one of the most popular of these that can help us on our wellness journey. CBD is a wellness solution that can benefit the mind and body via binding with our inner receptors positioned throughout the endocannabinoid system.

So why not combine the benefits of both CBD and mindfulness? Create your own evening CBD ritual with elenzia PURE CBD™.

One way to do this is to mindfully consume CBD by way of sublingual consumption. You will find your sublingual gland under the tongue, hold the CBD oil there for 60 seconds before swallowing. Focus on the flavour of the CBD and take the time to breath. Take advantage of these 60 seconds to be mindful and in the present.

This also benefits the efficacy of the CBD as the CBD compounds are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Sublingual consumption is more direct; therefore, it acts faster than oral consumption and maintains higher bioavailability.

This ensures maximum benefit – consuming the CBD in a highly efficacious way, incorporating mindfulness into your day, and achieving meditation from a bottle. This will better your health, sleep, and mind.

Move More Daily

According to Fitbit data, in 2020 the pandemic and the lockdowns led to a rise in both stress-relieving activities and exercises that did not require access to a gym. We have been encouraged to be more active because of the pandemic.

And, as usual there is always a spike in the New Year with resolutions coming into play. But there is likely to be a drop in commitment after a while, a way to combat this it to engage with an exercise that you enjoy every day! You could partake in a fun workout or go for your favourite walk. Building movement into your day is critical for your physical and mental wellbeing, bettering health, fitness, and mindfulness.

Skin Care Rituals = Self-Care

To achieve holistic wellness, we have seen an increase in skin care rituals to manage mental wellbeing. Mintel found that the reason for 45% of U.K. 16- to 34-year-olds increasing their beauty rituals during the pandemic was to decrease their stress or anxiety.

These rituals are also linked to relaxation with a focus on winding down after the working day, marking the start of me-time in the evening. The skin care rituals better your appearance and your mind.

elénzia is a holistic wellness brand providing solutions for both nutrition and skincare. See the elénzia website for more information on who we are as a brand and why elenzia PURE CBD™ is so important to us for you, our customer. Use Code: WELLBEING15 for 15% off elenzia PURE CBD™ a premium wellness solution.

Disclaimer: This sponsored content was written by elénzia.

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