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A pot of tea, a delicious CBD drink.


Add CBD to your drinks to reap the wide-ranging benefits

CBD drinks

If you’re fresh to CBD products, or even a routine consumer, the delicious variety of CBD-infused drinks on the market are a quick, simple, and accessible way to test the water.

CBD beverages are made from cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, and can include everything to water and sodas, to coffee and teas.

Some people aren’t keen on the flavour of CBD products, in particular the oils, so drinking CBD beverages or adding water-soluble CBD to your favourite drinks can make for an easy and tasty alternative. Whether you like your drinks hot or cold, there’s no limits to what you can add water-soluble CBD products to.

cbd one hatcha ceremonial grade hemp powder product in a black glass container

Water-soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD products are fairly new to the industry, and allow you the freedom to take your daily dose however and whenever you see fit. It adds in well with your usual routine and lifestyle, making it a real no brainer for those looking to try something new. CBD One’s new Hatcha CBD powder is just one new product to hit the market, offering up delicious ways to consume CBD in smoothies or a matcha-style CBD tea.

It also means that you can mix it up to see what works best for you – add it to your morning caffeine hit for an extra kick in the morning, your lunchtime soft drink, an afternoon smoothie, or even your post-gym protein shake. Or try them all on various days to see what most benefits you.

Another great addition to your kitchen cupboard is Hatcha CBD powder which works wonderfully in smoothies or CBD tea, among much, much more and is available here on CBD One’s website. You can’t get much closer to CBD in its natural form than Hatcha.

Add it to drink or even use it in baking, Hatcha is a delightfully flexible supplement.

cbd-infused healthy green smoothie drinks in glass jars with straws

CBD tea

CBD tea is one of the most popular things that people enjoy. It’s so easy to add to your normal brew making round – just add it into the mug before you put in your tea bag and water for it to best dissolve into the drink. You can also buy specialist CBD-infused tea or coffee if you want to make things even simpler. One of the best-selling options is Matcha-style CBD tea.

Though we should warn against adding CBD oils to drinks as (as we all know) oil and water do not mix well, and can produce an unpleasant flavour and residue.

CBD smoothie infusions

As we move into the warmer months, another healthy and refreshing option is to add CBD to your smoothies. If you’re into making your own smoothies, the addition of CBD can really boost the health benefits, particularly the anti-inflammatory effects.

Mango, strawberry, banana, even veggies and protein powder – the choice is yours. There really is no limit to the refreshing drinks infused with CBD that you can try, taste and enjoy.

How CBD drinks work

Adding CBD to drinks is very safe and accepted, making it perfect for those looking to alleviate the effects of stress, anxiety, arthritis, muscle pain, and more.

Additionally, water-soluble CBD is shown to enter the circulatory system and get to work quicker. It typically takes about 20 minutes to feel the calming and soothing effects.

Most CBD products usually stay in your system from two to five days.

Benefits to your health

The more health-conscious among us may be ditching sodas and high-sugar, high-calorie drinks, making CBD beverages a perfect, healthier, replacement.

CBD is incredibly versatile, which is why it is so popular and being used in more and more of our everyday products. As we touched on earlier, it also has a large variety of practical applications, from helping you to relax, to chronic pain, depression, acne, and even epilepsy. It can even help to improve energy levels and mood. For these reasons, many people turn to CBD products for well-being, mental health and to support a healthy lifestyle and achieve your wellness goals.

Research has proven CBD is effective for treating a range of conditions. With early studies suggesting that it can kill cancer cells in animals. The benefits for those with anxiety disorders, stress and PTSD are well known.

How CBD works on the body

A simple once-per-day dose is perfect for most people. Drinking CBD means that it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream, making it incredibly effective. Even more so than the prevalent oils.

When CBD enters your system your natural receptors actually bind with the molecules, detecting the active compounds in CBD and sending and moderating information to the brain and nervous system. Influencing your response to things such as mood, pain and appetite.

Why CBD drinks

CBD drinks and water-soluble CBD are definitely products that anyone who’s interested in CBD should try. Their natural healthy and uplifting effects are obvious. But also the ease, simplicity and freedom to add to your natural routine make them the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.

Disclaimer: This is sponsored content from CBD ONE.

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