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CBD brand Botanical Factory's new products.


Botanical Factory and the ‘green rush’ to CBD

Science-led brand Botanical Factory told us why CBD is a ‘force for good in the modern world’ and how it plans to reach the top spot in the industry.

With the power of CBD – and the science to back it – the Botanical Factory has set out on a mission to change people’s lives.

Through education, transparency and a growing product list, the brand wants to ‘benefit minds, bodies and souls’.

We spoke to Botanical’s PR Manager David Gilbank to hear about the company’s journey so far and how it plans to continue it cannabis-fuelled mission.

What is Botanical Factory all about; what does it offer the public and what is the brand message and ethos?

There’s been this sort of green rush – not gold rush – in terms of the popularity of CBD over the past 10 years with the advent of softening legalisation.

However, in rushing to get in on it, I think a lot if companies have lost their way.

But we’re very much about reinforcing the natural, holistic and healing properties of CBD and using the very best products.

As you’ve said, there’s been this wave of people setting up shop in the burgeoning CBD market, so how do you get yourselves apart from the masses?

Beginning at the farms, we’re very transparent in every element of the manufacturing process and we only use the highest concentration of CBD.

Not to mention that we use MCT as a carrier oil to ensure the cannabidiol isn’t broken down and wasted in your gut.

In short, we are getting as much as we possibly can out of every step to make sure we get the best product to the end user.

Despite growing international acceptance of CBD products, there are still many who are of unsure of the industry…what are you doing to ease this sceptisism?

Without fast-forwarding and actually seeing the benefits, how do you know you’re getting the right stuff when you buy CBD.

With us you can, because right from the plant in the soil we’re transparent, we provide a trail of breadcrumbs along the product journey that a lot of other people don’t supply.

How crucial is education around CBD for the Botanical Factory brand and how do you think open and honest information ties into the acceptance of the industry?

Whether you’re a new or experienced CBD user, I think we are all buy in large aware of the benefits.

On our website, you can see those benefits are actually broken down…there’s a science-based analysis to everything we do.

We’re using research in order to make sure our users are getting the purest form of what you can possibly get using science.

What is Botanical Factory’s position on the market today and where does it want to be in the near future?

We’re not number one but, when it comes down to it, we are believers; we believe in the product and in CBD as a force for good in the modern world.

But we’re not blindly passionate, we have the science, we have the stuff behind it in terms of the manufacturing and I believe we can prove we have the best product.

Where did the name ‘Botanical Factory’ come from, what inspired this as your brand identity?

Cannabis has been part of the culture for thousands of years, there’s records of it from a millennia ago…it’s a part of human history.

We’re a factory, we manufacture and create…and I love that juxtaposition between botany – which is all about nature – and the factory – which is all about science.

Done right, the CBD sector can be massively profitable. But when you look beyond the financial reward, what is the biggest take away from the industry?

We’re doing right by people; we’re helping them with their health, with their nutrition and helping them lead better lives.

That’s what CBD is about and I think that’s the driving force…it’s very much about making a difference.

There are a number of new Botanical Factory products on the way, can you give us any insight on what these will be?

We’re casting a wide net down the line and will be releasing things like edibles, gummies, eye creams, beauty creams and even tea in the future.

What would you say to those people who don’t use CBD yet – either because they don’t trust the industry or don’t know about the products – to try and get them on side?

Check the science and be open-minded; it’s not just a guess and a drop of luck, there is actual research out there to say what the benefits are.

A lot of people are very closed-minded, but you should push the door a little and see what happens.

It might not be for you, but there’s hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people who are enjoying it and they can’t all be wrong.

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