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The Botanical Factory signs sponsorship deal with The CBD Podcast

UK-based CBD manufacturer The Botanical Factory has signed on to sponsor The CBD Podcast.

The CBD Podcast, which stars one of the world’s foremost authorities on CBD Oil, Rachael Wilson, covers the topics and history of CBD from every angle.

Rachael, more widely known as ‘The CBD Woman,’ has a huge following within the CBD community and is a famously passionate advocate for cannabidiol.

‘I’m so excited that The Botanical Factory has come on board our podcast,’ says Rachael who lives in West Yorkshire UK, ‘I think it’s a great match for us and them.’

‘Our podcast gets right down to the nitty gritty of the issues and controversies about CBD and The Botanical Factory is all about the nature and the real essence of CBD which many CBD companies seem to have lost.’

‘I have had many offers to link up with various commercial CBD companies over the years, but I’ve been reluctant to join my brand with theirs because I wasn’t sure about what they stood for…but The Botanical Factory really get what CBD is all about.’

‘After the first meeting I was convinced by their commitment. They make good stuff and are serious about its potential for the world.’

The Botanical Factory CEO, Rizwana Hussain says she is equally excited by the association.

‘Rachael is a formidable presence in the CBD world, and we wanted to be associated with someone that really understands the natural qualities of CBD.’

‘Listening to the podcast and the knowledge that she has is an inspiration for anyone that has an interest in CBD.’

The CBD Podcast is a weekly podcast that appears on all platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

For more information phone 07824616668.

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