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Medisonal and PCCA announce exclusive partnership

Medisonal and PCCA have formed an exclusive partnership to improve patient services and access to medical cannabis across the UK. PCCA is a world leader in supporting the creation of personalised medicines and innovative products that make a difference in patients’ lives.  Medisonal’s partnership with PCCA Limited gives it a unique edge in the evolving medical cannabis market.  

The first truly independent platform in the UK for medical cannabis, Medisonal seeks to work with existing players in the UK market in order to ensure the best cannabis-based medicinal products are available to patients at reasonable prices and with an uninterrupted continuity of supply. 

Medisonal’s goal is to help the doctors and patients orient themselves across the whole market without being tied to any manufacturer.  Its platform has a unique offering of expert scientists, technologists, pharmacists and business developers to improve the amount of quality information available about medical cannabis generally available for doctors, hospitals, patients and regulators–with the overall aim of creating greater transparency throughout the market.

Using economies of scale to achieve better pricing for patients, Medisonal appeals to prescribing doctors through its streamlined prescription process.    It provides free education to UK doctors and allows them to purchase in one place all medical cannabis products which are legally sold in the UK.   

This new partnership with PCCA allows Medisonal to leverage PCCA’s high-quality import infrastructure and licenses (including MHRA Specials Manufacturing, Home Office Controlled Drugs Schedule 2 and GPhC Registered Pharmacy). 

With support from PCCA, Medisonal has concurrently launched its research and development arm through Liberum Health focusing on the delivery of medicines to women, an area which has been historically underfunded. (

Hana Salussolia, CEO of Medisonal  

“We are thrilled to announce that Medisonal has entered a new strategic and exclusive partnership with PCCA UK. This strong alliance will help us to achieve our common goal of helping patients to get access to high quality medical cannabis products at reasonable prices.  We look forward to working with existing players in the UK market in order to ensure there is an uninterrupted continuity of supply of the best cannabis-based medicinal products.” 

 Sharon Clift, MD, PCCA Limited 

 “We are very proud to be exclusively partnering with Medisonal.  With our combined knowledge, expertise, and capabilities, our aim is to facilitate patient access to the highest-quality cannabis-based products for medicinal use at the best possible price. 

 With the key role medical cannabis will play in improving the quality of life for patients,  providing life-changing medicines to help treat a wide range of conditions, we are dedicated to providing healthcare solutions that answer unmet clinical needs with both care and commitment.” 

Carl Woolf, Pharmaceutical Director-Medisonal/Dispensing Chemist–Centennial Pharma Services Limited

 “This is an incredible step forwards in establishing Medisonal as major force in medical cannabis supply. To be partnered with such a professional and established company as PCCA will ensure seamless supply and distribution–an area that has often been unreliable. Working together as one of the first truly independent medical cannabis supply chains ensures reliability and credibility moving forward and will undoubtedly create a significant enhancement of Medisonal’s value proposition.”

Carlos E Cobiella, Medisonal Medical Adviser and Consultant Shoulder & Elbow and Sports Surgeon

“I am very pleased we are joining forces with PCCA. Their expertise in bespoke personalised solutions will perfectly complement our activity and allow a much smoother delivery of care to patients that are in need of this form of treatment. “

more on PCCA Limited  

PCCA UK formulates, manufactures, distributes and dispenses personalised medicines, known as specials, working with prescribers, veterinarians and pharmacist to provide solutions for patients with unmet clinical needs. They have over 40 years industry experience (20 in the UK) and a wealth of knowledge. As well as providing specialist distribution services for cannabis-based products for medicinal use for Medisonal, they will also assist with formulations, product placement and above all guide Medisonal in the specialised medicines market. For more information go to

more on Medisonal

Medisonal is a UK based start-up, established in 2021. The company has designed and now launched a set of services on its platform to support patients and doctors looking to learn about medicinal cannabis and where appropriate allow doctors prescribe through its streamlined process. Medisonal provides free doctor training and access to advice from its world-class multi-disciplinary team.  For more information go to

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