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Golfer’s gold: explaining CBD for BackCare Awareness Week.

This year’s BackCare Awareness Week theme is golf. Did you know that many professional players use CBD?

This awareness campaign is hosted by the UK charity BackCare, who have been educating the public on back pain for almost 50 years.

Due to the nature of the sport, playing golf often can result in injuries to the spine and lower back.

These are usually caused by muscle sprains and spasms, so it is a fitting theme for BackCare Awareness Week.

An analysis of 8.67 million sport and recreation injuries lead Golf Support to conclude that “golf is more dangerous than rugby.”

And the US National Center for Health Statistics found that lower back injuries account for up to 34% of golfing injuries.

But how can CBD help this BackCare Awareness Week?

BackCare Awareness week runs from 7-11 October.

Charley Hoffman, Lucas Glover, Scott Piercy, Scott McCarron and Bubba Watson are all high-profile golfers that have CBD-related sponsorships.

CBD can help to relieve and reduce pressure and tension in sore muscles and joints, which explains its popularity with golfers.

Health author and medical nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer explains:

“CBD oil is one of the most helpful supplements to become available in a long time.

“It is highly antioxidant and so has anti-inflammatory effects on joints, to improve pain and stiffness.

“CBD also has an analgesic effect to reduce pain perception in the brain”

Balms, muscle rubs and gels, bath bombs and ointments containing CBD oil can be found on almost every high street.

These products soak into the skin and trigger endocannabinoid receptors around the body, relieving pain and pressure.

CBD is an effective from of pain relief, from stiff joints to chronic pain and achy muscles. You can read more about this here.

CBD in golf for BackCare Awareness Week

CBD was removed from the World AntiDoping Agency prohibited list in 2018.

As long as the CBD is THC-free, Olympic and PGA Tour golfers can use it to relieve pain and game anxiety without the risk of disqualification.

A CBD-dedicated golf tournament to benefit US veterans took place earlier this week to coincide with BackCare Awareness Week.

The inaugural Newport Coast CBD Invitational golfing event was hosted by cannabis company Morganyan and benefited the Infinite Hero Foundation.

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