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Skincare worthy of a red carpet

The CANNAVIST spoke with TV star Dr.Martin Kinsella – the mastermind behind Dr. Kinsella Skincare – to find out more details on his brand-new debut range.

It’s hard to ignore the star-power behind the Dr. Kinsella brand; do you think your celebrity presence will encourage more people to give the products a go? 

If I wasn’t who I was, I wouldn’t launch a skincare line, because there’s too much going on.

Without having some form of reputation or persona, it’s phenomenally hard to actually break into the industry.

But the fact is, I have a public platform, all my years of experience are great and I can use my profile to benefit people…that’s the reason I did it.  

You recently held a launch party for the Dr. Kinsella Skincare line, can you give us an insight into how that went?

What a cracking night it was! People were laughing, there were drinks, everything just came together perfectly to create a really good atmosphere.

I think sometimes, especially when it’s your own event, you don’t really get to enjoy it…but I can honestly say I did.

The whole night was a great experience; it was actually the best launch event I’ve ever been to…I’m just really proud to say it was for my own product.

Why is it you chose to launch with a face cream, eye serum and glow oil, is there a reason you wanted to kick things off with this trio of products?

We are constantly looking to evolve the brand and have noticed a couple of things we could improve on.

But we are quite happy with the limited range at the moment as we wanted a streamlined collection of three products…these are the bread and butter of skincare.

There are more than 15 years of ‘medical aesthetics’ experience fuelling the brand, how will this wealth expertise guide the direction of your company and any future product releases? 

I’ve been involved in medical aesthetics – or cosmetic dermatology – for almost sixteen years now and over that time I’ve met patients from all aspects of life.

As a result, I’ve been exposed to lots of different skincare products and there’s one thing I’ve noticed…almost all of them fall into one of two main groups. They are either doctor-led but aren’t very nicely branded, or are very high-end but nobody really knows if they do anything for the skin…what I wanted to do was bring these two things together.

I wanted a product with all the hallmarks of a scientifically backed brand, that is clinically proven to help the skin, but also has the luxury feel of a premium skincare line.

You promise to create vegan-friendly, sustainable products for your consumers, why did you choose to go in this direction and how do you ensure your products remain cruelty-free? 

One thing we’re very interested in as a brand is championing and spearheading sustainability…it’s not a marketing thing, it’s an ethical issue.

We owe it to the world to invest in products that are kind on the environment and to animals, which is why we are so committed to delivering vegan and eco-friendly skincare options.

All new businesses should position themselves in the same way; as a new kid on the block, we have a responsibility to lead the way and help create a more considered future.

I’m sure you’ll agree that arming your consumers with products is only half the battle, what are you doing to educate them on improved skincare? 

We’ve been investing a lot of time into providing funny, light-hearted and engaging content to people on social media…especially through TikTok.

For us, it’s the perfect platform to educate our audience and hopefully convert people to our way of thinking; obviously we’d like to see more customers through this, but we’re also able to inform people about skin.

It’s about building a community of likeminded people; I could sit in my ivory tower clinic and charge people £200 for a brief consultation, but I’d rather be able to give them that advice for free.

It’s fair to say that CBD is still a relatively young commercial product, why did you decide to include it in your skincare range?

When it comes to the Dr. Kinsella Skincare line, CBD is more a featured star than a leading player.

A lot of other CBD products out there only really contain CBD…but that’s really not going to cut it when it comes to good skin.

Our products are packed with a list of hallmark ingredients that are targeted and designed to improve skincare – including Vitamin C, coconut oil and rosehip oil – and CBD works in synergy with these.

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