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The UK’s first medical cannabis dermatology service launches for patients with challenging skin conditions

Acne, rosacea and psoriasis are among the conditions which the medical cannabis dermatology experts will now see patients on.

A central London medical cannabis clinic is now offering dermatology treatments for patients with challenging skin conditions.

Sapphire Medical Clinics has opened its doors to those suffering with either unresponsive or rare skin conditions.

Acne, rosacea and psoriasis are among the conditions which the medical cannabis and dermatological experts will now see patients on.

Who is eligible and what will it cost?

Patients can find out if they are eligible by completing an online assessment form on the Sapphire Medical Clinic website.

Eligible patients will then be given the option to have an initial virtual consultation. This is said to cost approximately £150, with follow up consultations ranging from £45-£90.

Sapphire is the first medical cannabis clinic to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and specialises in treating patients with cannabis-based medicines for all conditions where there is clinical evidence for efficacy. 

It is also believed to be the first medical cannabis clinic to cater for dermatology.

It is hoped the launch of this medical cannabis dermatology service will allow patients with rare and difficult to treat skin conditions such as itching, or psoriasis to seek a second opinion, where conventional therapies have not achieved adequate benefit and symptom relief. Treatment for dermatological conditions may consist of either topical or systemic therapies. 

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Commenting on today’s announcement by the Harley Street clinic, 46-year-old patient Shane Pearce said:

“I am pleased that patients who suffer from hard to treat skin problems such as mine now have an additional option in medical cannabis when standard therapies have not been effective. I have tried numerous natural balms and creams, but nothing worked so I welcome the opportunity to consider this treatment option at Sapphire Medical Clinics” 

Sapphire’s Medical Director, Dr Michael Platt, said he is ‘very excited’ to introduce leading skin experts from the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in order to make this new service possible.  

“We are very excited to partner with leading dermatologists to launch this service. We pride ourselves on individualised patient treatment delivered in a safe and effective way and rigorously monitored treatment outcomes’ 

Dr Anastasia Therianou, whose NHS practice is based at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust commented: 

“I am delighted to join Sapphire Medical Clinics and now safely offer patients the additional option of cannabis-based medicines when they have not received symptom relief from routinely available therapies. The Sapphire Real-World Evidence platform allows us to support the growing clinical practice with robust data collection, which is of vital importance to the clinical community and patients.”

Dr Richard Watchorn, also based at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, added:

 “I look forward to setting up this service to serve unmet patient needs and in doing so, to contribute to the growing evidence base of cannabis-based medicines in dermatology”

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