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US: Researchers aim to develop CBD alternative to ibuprofen

A US-based hemp firm has partnered with the University of Florida to develop a CBD capsule to replicate the pain relief of ibuprofen tablets

The study will be funded by Green Point Research (GPR) who are supplying a higher dose version of their existing Satividol CBD Softgel capsules.

The University of Florida will research and publish the results aimed at providing a safer pain alternative.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 50 million Americans live with chronic pain, with 19.6 million reporting their pain to be high-impact.

Their aim is to find an ibuprofen alternative that doesn’t impact liver function and can be taken long-term.

Green Point CEO David Hasenauer said that his goal is to provide a safer alternative that passes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification.

“We know it’s a nascent industry and we have decades of catching up to do. We’re just excited about the potential.”

He added:

““The GPR team is proud to partner with Dr. Ostrander and Florida State University. We look forward to reviewing the results of this unique multidisciplinary study, and expect the final outcomes will play a direct role in the company’s future growth and the development of the industry as a whole.”

Vice President of research at Florida State University, Dr Gary K. Ostrander, said:

“This is a burgeoning area of research because people are realizing there are many ways to use the plant in a completely safe way. We are excited to partner with Green Point Research to explore some of those possibilities.”

Earlier this year, GPR announced the new industrial hemp pilot program with the university which will offer a broader look at CBD but centres around the economic and medicinal value.

The pilot program will take place at three of their farms in Florida with the inclusion of an economic study to determine the viability of hemp commercialisation within the state.

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