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Chris Evans says ‘CBD may well be the future’

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Chris Evans told his breakfast show listeners about how taking CBD oil has transformed his mornings and that “it may well be the future”.

The Virgin Radio Breakfast Show host told listeners on Wednesday that he was considering trying out CBD oil as a sleep aid and then took to the mic again on Friday to let the British public know about his experience.

He told his listeners:

“I slept extremely, exceptionally deeply – and this is one of the claims for cannabis oil”.

However, after taking one dose of CBD oil the night before, Chris noted no only had his sleeping improved, his commute and pain had to.

“I have a stiff right shoulder and I can barely move it in the mornings. I have to do all these exercises backwards and forth, including windmills.

“This morning? Nothing, nothing at all.”

“I can’t believe it; it’s not clicking or anything”.

Chris explained to his audience how little CBD is required and predicted that cannabis oil could have great potential.

“It’s part of this thing called micro-dosing. It may well be the future”.

Main Source: The Express.

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