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How CBD can help you sleep in the heat

How you sleep often determines your mood for the following day, and the only thing that makes the sunshine even better is a beaming smile on a well-rested face.

Here are our tips on how CBD can help you get that much-needed sleep during the scorching summer heat.

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Falling asleep in excessive temperatures can be difficult.

In the UK, 52 percent list temperature as the main factor keeping them from getting enough sleep.

A Sleep Rate survey found that 80 percent of people sleep better in cooler weather. Sleep Rate recommend a room temperature of 15 degrees Celsius for a perfect night’s sleep.

The American National Sleep Foundation advise that anything above 18.3 degrees can lead to trouble trying to fall asleep, sleeping for long enough and feeling well-rested.

But how does temperature affect the ability to sleep? 

It takes longer to fall asleep when it’s hot and when the body has managed to drop off, sleep is often fragmented.

Thermoregulation, how the body distributes heat, is an essential part of the sleep cycle.

A drop in core body temperature is required for us to fall asleep, although most of us don’t notice it.

One age-old tactic to achieve this is with a warm bath or shower before bed.

Although a steamy bath in this hot weather may not sound appealing, the drop in body temperature when getting out the bath does help to induce sleep.

CBD bath bombs could make the bath more relaxing by relieving muscles and stress and distracting from hot temperatures.


So, how else can CBD help you get a good night’s sleep?

In the heat, our bodies often become dehydrated from excess sweating, which can wake us up in the middle of the night.

To avoid this, drinking CBD water before going to bed may not only hydrate the body, but relax it as well, making it that bit easier to drop off.

There is evidence to suggest that CBD helps to combat insomnia and that patients with chronic pain get a better sleep when taking CBD oil.

Anxiety levels can raise in the heat as the body can feel uncomfortable. Many people use CBD to ease anxiety, which can help the body wind down and feel relaxed.

CBD could be an alternative to taking prescribed sleep medication, which can often only be used for short periods of time and can have negative side effects.

CBD in low doses is a low-risk alternative to try, and a good night’s rest would allow you to have more fun in the sun!

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