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Travelling tips for taking CBD on holiday this summer

Navigating international regulations can be tricky, so here are some top travelling tips for taking CBD on holiday with you.

You’ve packed your summery swimming costume, favourite flip-flops and trusty toothbrush – but what about your CBD products?

Firstly, you need to check that your go-to CBD products conform with your destination’s local laws and regulations.

For example, taking your CBD face cream to Thailand could be classed as importing a controlled substance.

If you are travelling to strict countries, sticking to the equivalent CBD and THC-free product be the safest option.


Travelling tips for taking CBD on holiday: the flight

Enquiring with the airline you are travelling with is always advisable.

Most airlines and airports have their drug policies available online, but it is often hard to find specific information on CBD.

Directly contacting the airline provider or airport is the most sensible way to avoid complications.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently revised their regulations about travelling with CBD.

Customers are permitted to carry hemp-derived CBD if travelling domestically within the US.

You can read more about the TSA regulation revision here.


Travelling tips for taking CBD on holiday: the EU

If you are leaving the UK to go on holiday within the EU, travelling or returning with hemp-derived CBD products should be hassle-free.

This is because the UK and the majority of the EU share the same regulations.

Therefore, none of the products legally sold in the UK should be illegal in the EU.

However, some destinations have unique regulations.

The Swiss, for example, allow up to 1 percent THC in products. Low-THC cannabis flower is also legal and readily-available but can not be legally brought back to the UK.

This is why it is important to check the ingredients list before travelling home as certain products could be confiscated.


Travelling tips for taking CBD on holiday: outside the EU

Again, contacting airlines and airports when travelling with CBD products is the safest option as it can be tricky to navigate foreign regulations.

For example, in China, CBD products are legal in provinces where medical marijuana is illegal, but only with a prescription.

However, in the Yunnan and Heilongjiang provinces, hemp-derived CBD products can be purchased commercially legally.

There are popular holiday destinations where CBD is classed as a controlled substance.

Countries in which CBD is currently illegal include Fiji, Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia and The Philippines.

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