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How CBD can help with jet lag

The post-holiday blues are a real thing and travelling for a long period of time can make you feel worse. So, we thought we’d share how CBD can help with jet lag symptoms.

Anxiety and Irritability

Travelling can not only leave you feeling jet lagged, but also irritable, stressed and anxious.

CBD can help with jet lag-associated anxieties in several ways.

It can help to reduce the brain’s stress hormone cortisol, which can ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

Low serotonin levels can trigger depression and irritability, but CBD alters serotonin signals making these outcomes less common.

Sleep Disturbances

Studies have shown that CBD oil can increase the levels of dopamine in your brain while you sleep.

Because it has been shown CBD can help you get a sounder sleep, you may also wake up feeling less groggy.

CBD can help with jet lag-related sleep disturbances because it can improve your body’s circadian functioning.

This enables a deeper sleep and increases your levels of alertness in the daytime.

You can read more about how CBD can help with sleep and stress levels here.

Inflammation and Pain

After spending hours on a plane sitting in the same position, muscles can become tense and sore.

CBD oils and balms have been shown to reduce joint and muscle pain and are sometimes recommended to arthritic patients for this reason.

Products containing CBD can help with jet lag symptoms such as inflammation due to the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties are found naturally in the plant extract, just like in cumin and turmeric.


Bloating, nausea and constipation are all digestion issues that can occur when travelling long distances.

CBD can help with jet lag in these respects as the anti-inflammatory properties can reduce stomach swelling and bloating.

As CBD travels around the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), it can release muscle tension, which is often linked to constipation.

The ECS has receptors within the gut and digestive system and cannabinoids bind to them, soothing and relaxing the digestive tract.


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