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Household juice favourite Ocean Spray reveals new CBD-infused sparkling water.

Each can of CarryOn drinks contain vitamins C and E, with no added sugar and just 10 calories per can.

Ocean Spray, best known for its popular cranberry juice, has launched a new CBD-infused sparkling water brand called CarryOn.

With two flavour blends, Elevate and Descend, the drinks each contain vitamins C and E, with no added sugar and just 10 calories per can. Grapfruit Elevate is infused with 10mg of CBD, while blueberry tasting Descend contains 20mg of the isolate.

Ocean Spray is a household name across the US and Europe, thanks to its success in the juice aisle of supermarkets.

Commenting on the launch, Rizal Hamdallah, global chief innovation officer at Ocean Spray said:

“This launch focuses on emotional wellness, exactly at the moment we need it today.”

If you’re parched at the thought of trying one of these drinks, you might have to wait. CarryOn is currently only available in Colorado in the US where Ocean Spray plans to test the market.

CarryOn is the brainchild of a farmer-owned cooperative under Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. established last year to accelerate accessible health and wellness-focused innovation.

The CANNAVIST understands that Mile High Labs, with its global headquarters in Colorado, was chosen by the leading juice brand to develop the CBD element of the new products.

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