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What’s the buzz with CBD and alcohol?

As lockdown lifts and we are almost allowed to go back to bars, pubs and restaurants, it may feel a bit ‘too soon’ for some.

But now that the weather is also heating up, choosing your own garden over a beer garden could mean less stress and a chance to get creative with cocktails.

There is a huge selection of CBD infused-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks on the market at the moment but can CBD and alcohol really be mixed?

A green cocktail in a short glass with a spring of basil in it
Image Source: Photo by Johann Trasch onUnsplash

The Science

Alcohol is known for its ability to reduce inhibitions and promote relaxation. CBD can have similar relaxing effects. So it should mean that they work together to give drinkers an extra way to unwind after a stressful day.

There is very little research on how CBD and alcohol interact in the body.

However, one study suggests that it may be benefitial to combine the two.

Ten participants were given alcohol and 200mg of CBD one week and then alcohol plus a placebo a week later.

The researchers found that when the participants took CBD with alcohol, they had significantly lower blood alcohol levels than with the placebo.

It’s important to note that 200mg in a much greater dose than you would find in most CBD drinks.

And you should always be cautions when combining CBD or alcohol with substances that might increase one another’s effects.

Three people clinking three glasses containing white wine
Image Source: Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite CBD inspired drinks.



The craft gin market has grown in popularity over the years, offering drinks infused with everything from oranges to elderflower. So its only natural that CBD would find its way into a bottle.

A classic gin and tonic at the end of the day is the perfect summer drink.

Find your CBD gin, load up on ice cubes and add a slice of lemon or cucumber for a traditional twist.

We love: MUHU Sweet Hibiscus Gin with Added CBD. £35

A hand holding a bottle of Muhu CBD gin against a colourful background
Image source: Muhu Spirits

CBD Beer

A cold beer at the end of a hot summer’s day is a garden party essential, even if its is only a lockdown-size party.

Hops and CBD work perfectly together, as both are members of the Cannabaceae family, along with another species known as Celtis, or hackberries.

There have also been attempts to extract CBD from hops terpenes.

We love: Green Times Brewing: CBD Session IPA (4.1%). £36

Two cans of CBD beer against a colourful backdrop
Image Source: Green Times Brewing

CBD Wine

While we still love red wine, summer is all about the white wine or sangria mixes. If we can’t travel to Spain then we can bring the Costa Del Sol to our back gardens instead.

It should be no surprise that CBD wine exists in all forms from prosecco to sangria. 

We love: Canna wine White wine and Sangria: £22-£23

A black bottle of CBD sangria on a white background
Image Source: Cannawine

Be your own mixologist

It’s easy to top up your tipple with a tincture too. Adding a drop of your favourite CBD tincture to your drink can be an easy and cost effective way to make your mojito a bit more relaxing or customise your Caipirinha.

Adding an oil with a mild natural taste or flavour can help you avoid a harsh aftertaste. 

We love: Cubid CBD Natural Oil Drops £35-55

A box of Cubid CBD natural oil drops on a white background
Image Source: Cubid CBD

Vodka and Tonic

While there are very few vodka brands out there with CBD in them, there are a number of tonic waters featuring CBD.

Enjoy with ice cubes, fresh fruits or without any vodka at all for a refreshing way to stay cool.

We love: Bumble Zest. Light CBD Tonic Water – 10mg CBD, low sugar, low calorie 12 x Bottles. £27.95

A blue and light yellow bottle of CBD tonic water from BUmble zest
Image Source: Bumble Zest

Main image source: Photo by Jan Sedivy on Unsplash

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