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Texas CBD store joins Chamber of Commerce

A CBD store has been accepted as a member of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce (COC) for the first time.

This makes San Antonio the first major Texan city to represent a CBD business on their board of trade.

The Chamber of Commerce promotes local business opportunities and creates a plan of action to improve economic welfare in the community.

President and CEO of the COC Richard Perez was hesitant when national chain Your CBD Store applied for a membership.

He said:

“When the application came in, I thought ‘no way’”

However, the COC chair-elect and president and CEO of Southwest Research Institute Adam Hamilton helped to change Perez’s mind.

“He was very clear that CBD oil indeed is a substance that can provide relief and can enhance people’s quality of life – very different from marijuana, and in particular the THC, which is the substance within marijuana that gets you high.”

If Your CBD Store stocked vapeable or smokeable products their application would have been rejected. But as the store only sells tinctures and topicals, they were granted a seat at the Chambers table and a say in whether the COC should comply with city, state and federal policies.

Perez’s wife suffered a broken knee cap shortly after he accepted the CBD membership, and with his perspective changed, he recommended she try CBD to relieve her pain.

“Because of just going through this process and hearing what this stuff could do, we went to these guys and got some of that – you know, an ointment.

“And it was amazing – the pain relief she was able to feel”

The chain has locations within several states. However, their Dominion location is the only store in the chain that is included in the San Antonio COC.

Main Source: Texas Public Radio

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