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The British government eases medical cannabis import restrictions

Medical cannabis patients rely on imports from countries like Canada and the Netherlands to obtain their medicine. The UK government says that it will now take days, rather than months, for patients to access it.

“The changes made today are a tremendous step towards improving the supply of cannabis-based medicinal products by helping to ensure quicker and more reliable access for patients.” – Health and Social Care Secretary

Words by Gordon Stribling

Medical cannabis patients will now only have to wait a matter of days to receive their medicine from abroad.

The UK government has eased import restrictions, which allow licensed wholesalers to import larger quantities of medical cannabis and hold supplies for future use.

Most medical cannabis is imported from abroad and export restrictions mean it can take months for patients to obtain their medicine.

In Canada, it can take as long as eight weeks to obtain an export certificate.

Additional safeguards against addiction and drug misuse require that specialist doctors review prescriptions every 30 days, so treatment can be delayed significantly.

The government hopes the new regulations will make it easier for patients to access medical cannabis sooner.

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