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What to expect at Europe CBD Expo

Europe CBD Expo will give businesses and the public the opportunity to celebrate and learn about the exciting and ever-evolving legal cannabis industry.

Taking place in London this weekend, Europe’s largest CBD expo will start on Friday.

Friday is a business-to-business event, where industry leaders will network, liaise and take part in panel discussions.

There will be a cannabis regulatory intelligence session in the morning followed by a pre-clinical studies of cannabis and cannabinoids session in the afternoon.

Panel discussions will cover European regulations, insights and opportunities, the future of cannabis and CBD and international industry trends.

An evening drinks reception will wrap up Day 1.

On Saturday, Europe CBD Expo invites the public to listen to a range of talks from industry specialists explaining the science of CBD and medical cannabis, providing advice on identifying and obtaining quality products and explaining the politics behind the emerging cannabis movement.

The final day will go out with a bang, with Ignite CBD’s CEO Dan Bilzerian hosting a giveaway at 5pm that’s guaranteed to send guests home happy.

For those attending we’d recommend:

*Wear comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothing, you’ll be surprised at just how many steps you do – wear a step counter if you don’t believe us!

*Be prepared to learn a lot. There will be so much information available.

*While there is plenty of food available on site, we advise bringing drinks and snacks as you’ll burn through a lot of calories

*Turn up when the doors open at 9.30am on Friday and 10am on Saturday. There’s a lot to pack into just a day or two.

*Vaping is allowed in the hall, but smoking is not.

Opening Hours:

Friday: 9:30am – 19:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am – 17:30pm

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