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CBD vs. Hemp: Explained

Want to know more about your favourite cannabinoid and where it comes from? Find out what separates these intertwined words apart.

In CBD vs. Hemp, who’s the winner? Well, they both are. Here’s the how and why.

Hemp, otherwise known as Industrial Hemp, is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. Many people confuse the look and smell of hemp and marijuana as being one and the same. But hemp is in fact different in size, structure and genetic make-up. Hemp is a close relative of marijuana in that they are both part of the Cannabis plant family.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is one of more than 100 cannabis compounds identified by scientists and, put simply, it is extracted from hemp.

CBD is the latest in a long line of uses for hemp.

But doesn’t CBD come from marijuana?

Technically speaking, you can find CBD in both hemp or marijuana, but only the former is legally obtained. Marijuana-derived CBD is not permitted in most developed countries, except where recreational use has been legalised.

Why? Here’s another difference setting these cannabis cousins apart – hemp doesn’t produce as much THC as it grows meaning the plant is, by nature, less psychoactive than marijuana. This means no one should get high from consuming hemp-derived CBD products.

CBD extracted from hemp won’t alter your state of mind, while still having plenty of therapeutic benefits.

CBD vs. Hemp. Which is better for you?

Both are winners in their own right.

Here’s another frequently asked question in the battle of CBD vs. Hemp:

‘If CBD comes from hemp, won’t I reap the benefits of CBD in the process of consuming hemp?’

The answer is no, you won’t. CBD has to be carefully extracted from the hemp for it to really shine.

So if you have a tub of hemp protein powder or a bottle of hemp seed oil in your kitchen cupboard, don’t assume that it contains any CBD, because it’s really unlikely that it does.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why your question was CBD vs. hemp in the first place, when both are clearly wondrous creations – thanks Mother Nature!

Let’s break it down a bit further…

What are the benefits of taking CBD?

While CBD is just one compound extracted from the whole plant, it has a host of holistic uses that can benefit our mental and physical wellbeing.

To date, studies show regular CBD use can lead to a better night’s sleep, smoother recovery from injury and lower anxiety levels.

But the main benefit of CBD has to be its anti-inflammatory properties.

How can I use hemp?

Hemp is also rich in advantages. In fact, it is probably one of the most versatile crops in all of the land.

Aside from the fact that without hemp, we wouldn’t have a reliable CBD supply chain, hemp has long been used in textiles, food and more recently, construction. That’s right! You can now build a house using hempcrete.

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