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CBD-infused mocktail being poured into glass from pitcher


Refreshing CBD-infused mocktail

Refreshing CBD-infused mocktail

Dry January is here! After a long, cold and boozy December, now is the time to detox.

The new lockdown may have you thinking of quitting two weeks in, but we’re here to show you a different path. Close the drinks cabinet, put the wine away and head to the fridge for a refreshing, juicy mocktail.

We have created a virgin Sex on the Beach, perfect to help the dry January blues. Our ‘Hugs on the Beach’ provides the same great taste, without the alcohol.

It might be cold and could even be snowing outside, but you can still feel like lapping up the warm sunshine as you kick back in front of the TV.



1. Pour the juice to a large pitcher, add the pipette of CBD and stir to combine. If your pitcher is smaller than 1 litre, combine the juice and CBD in equal parts in a smaller amount and refill as necessary.

2. Serve in low ball tumblers over ice and garnish with orange slices if desired.

Let us know how you are enjoying our CBD-infused Hugs on the Beach by tagging us on our social media channels (@cannavistmag). Stay safe, stay home and enjoy CBD.

Thirsty for more? Head over to The CANNAVIST Cooking Theatre to sink your teeth into more delicious CBD recipes.

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