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7 strange ways to use CBD (and if they really work)

From pillows to suppositories, we examine some of the more unusual products on the market and ask if they really work.

CBD is everywhere at the moment from tinctures to toothpicks.

What makes CBD so adaptable to different products is that the benefits can be experienced and absorbed in a variety of ways.

The body has endocannabinoid receptors in every major system and near a lot of essential organs. Could CBD hairsprays, sugar and lip balms really be as useful as tinctures and topicals?

We examine some of the more unusual products on the market and ask if they really work.

Keep ’em clean with CBD sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is now an everyday essential to stop the spread of not just COVID-19 but most common germs too. However, most sanitisers can be harsh on the hands due to the chemical formula. Some companies have started to add CBD into the mix to balance this out. But does it work?

A paper published this year revealed the potential of cannabinoids against harmful bacterial infections such as MRSA. Eighteen varieties of cannabinoids were tested against robust strains with CBG, CBD, CBN, CBCA, Δ-9-THC and Δ-8-THC showing signs of killing bacteria at low levels. CBG in particular showed great promise.

Although there have been no tests on how well CBD hand sanitiser performs, it’s always worth having a bottle on hand for times when immediate hand washing isn’t an option.

CBD hand sanitiser
We are CBD hand Sanitiser. £2.99 (Image source: We are CBD)

Working up a sweat in CBD workout wear

CBD infused sportswear claims to offer a way to add a boost to your burpees. Although it’s great for helping users to manage stress levels and feel calmer, CBD could also help with sore muscles during a workout. But does this really transfer to fabric?

Acabada ProActiveWear clothing offer a range of CBD sportswear from vests to leggings. Tiny CBD droplets are trapped in microcapsules which are embedded into the fibres of the clothing.

The infused fabric is then strategically placed in the garments near major muscle groups. As you move, the friction, much like the CBD pillowcases we have examined before (in issue 6 of The CANNAVIST) allows the microcapsules to open and release CBD.

A creative way to micro-dose during your CrossFit sessions perhaps. Once the CBD wears off due to washing, the company will recycle the clothing before offering a discount on your next purchase.

CBD during and after exercise is known to help with inflammation, lowering muscle tension (read our guide to CBD and DOMs recovery here) and alleviating pain. 

Model wearing CBD activewear
We love: Acabada Sportswear: Astor Leggings in Gunmetal $20. (Image Source: Acabada )

Lashings of CBD mascara

While we aren’t quite sure how much CBD can absorbed through our lashes, it’s worth noting that the cannabis sativa oil that is in ‘CBD’ mascaras helps to condition rather than calm. (Note: some products may only contain hemp seed oil, rather than CBD extract).

Instead of using beeswax to stick the fibres to lashes, it also helps to make the formula vegan.

Some products also claim there is the potential for lash growth as a result of the fatty acids present in hemp oil leading to increased blood circulation to the roots of the lashes and encouraging faster, fuller growth a result.

This is yet to be proven for mascaras but CBD haircare products also abide by this principle.

CBD mascara by Make Up Revolution
We love: Revolution Blowout Mascara with cannabis sativa: £8. (Image Source: Revolution London)

Sleep tight on CBD pillows

Drifting off to sleep, especially in a panic about the pandemic can be tricky. The idea behind CBD infused pillows is to help you cut down on tossing and turning during the night by allowing you to micro-dose while you doze. 

The pillows contain tiny capsules containing CBD particles that break as you move before being absorbed by your skin. The more restless you are, the more CBD is released. Some of the pillows come with sprays to refresh the CBD after it starts to wear off.

These novel pillows are only available in the US at the moment but given the global craze for CBD, it won’t be long before they are here. 

A CBD pillow

We want to try: CBD pillow and pillowcase; $49-99

While we’re still figuring out the pillow talk, we know CBD oil can help with poor sleep.

One sleep study involving 72 participants with a range of anxiety and poor sleep issues revealed interesting results. 

Participants were each given 25mg CBD capsules daily. In the first month, 79.2% reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7% reported they had slept better as a result. 

Get your teeth into CBD toothpicks

Toothpicks aren’t just for cleaning your teeth. Tom Hardy, Cara Delevigne, Colin Farrell and Brad Pitt have all been known to chew them. They now come in a variety of flavours from lemon to grapefruit. But some are also infused with CBD.

They more the sticks are chewed, the more the flavour and CBD is released into the mouth where it is absorbed into the system through the mucosal membrane (lining of the wall of the mouth).

Pure Kana suggest chewing on the sticks 5 or 10 times to allow for the flow of the CBD. A great idea for pain relief if you suffer from tooth pain, gum problems or just need a quick CBD soothe.

Thanks to models like Cara Delevigne making them a fashionable accessory on the red carpet, no one need know there is anything extra about your pick.

Pure Kana CBD toothpicks
We love: Pure Kana, Pure CBD sticks: $20 for 10 in Pink Lemonade. (Image Source: Pure Kana)

Wash your mouth out with CBD mouthwash

We could see an increase in CBD or hemp oral care coming soon as Colgate announced its acquisition of Hello Products LLC, an oral hygiene in February 2020.

Studies on CBD and oral health are limited but it could have some positive effects on inflammation, tooth pain and gum disease. It has also been suggested that it could help reduce the stress felt by people needing to see the dentist.

A study published in the Science Direct journal in 2009 showed that CBD helped to reduce periodontal disease in rats. The group suffering from periodontitis (severe gum disease) had their hard and soft tissue examined revealing that they had lost less aveolar bone than the other group who were not given CBD. This is the bone that supports teeth which is eventually destroyed by gum disease.

CBD mouthwash in a bottle and a box
We want to try: CBD Elixir Mouthwash with olive oil extract. £10. (Image source: CBD Elixir)

CBD Vaginal Suppositories

While this might not be everyone’s first choice CBD product, suppositories are quite easy to use and can provide quick pain relief. They are also a great way of bypassing the throat and first pass metabolism if the oral route is impaired due to illness or injury.

CBD targets the same enzyme that Ibuprofen does which decreases the body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins that produce painful cramps. CBD could stall the intensity of the cramps, potentially making this cannabinoid useful for painful period conditions like endometriosis.

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