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Celebrating Father’s Day with CBD

Finding a unique Father’s Day gift for your number one man can be hard, so why not try a CBD theme this year?

Being a father is stressful work, but thankfully CBD has fantastic relaxing qualities.

There are countless muscle rubs and gels on the market that relieve aches and pains and make perfect presents. Everybody deserves a bit of pampering!

A number of spas and massage parlours offer treatments using cannabidiol oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce stress levels.

Eudaemonia in Stockport and Snailspace Therapies in Bristol both offer CBD massages.

Beards are ‘in’ right now. If your dad is rocking one, CBD beard oil could be the ideal gift to moisturise his hair and skin to keep him looking cool.

Rebel Roots’ CBD Castor Oil Lite keeps beards looking and feeling healthy and smelling great.

If your father has more of a distinguished look, CBD could help him maintain it. CBD moustache wax would make a fanTACHtic Father’s Day gift.

Jack’s men’s care CBD range, includes Jack Stache Cement CBD-infused moustache wax designed to help maintain optimum hold.

If your dad is the culinary king of your foody family, why not get take him for a CBD-infused feast this Sunday?

Restaurants and cafes across the UK are experimenting with different cannabidiol-infused dishes and drinks.

The Hemp Harvester Café in Leeds offers to infuse any dish on the menu with CBD at the customer’s request.

But if a liquid lunch is more your dad’s style, then London has a solution for you.

Maison Bab in Covent Garden and Hackney’s Behind This Wall have some great CBD drinks on offer.

From beards to booze, CBD can do it all. Turn your dad into a Hemp Hero this Father’s Day.

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