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Kick start International Coffee Day with CBD

Here are our favourite ‘canna-feine’ brews to help you celebrate International Coffee Day the CBD way  

Vedas CBD Coffee: Los Volcanes

This dark roasted coffee was sourced from Guatemalan active volcanoes to combat life’s sometimes harsh, unforgiving nature.

Designed to uplift the drinker, this brew has a hazelnut and chocolate flavour, complemented by its almond aroma.

Available in 120mg, 160mg and 240mg of CBD. Click here to buy.


Hamilton Street Cold Brew: Vanilla Coffee

This classy caffeinated concoction uses Colombian beans and natural Madagascan vanilla pods to create a smooth, cold CBD coffee drink.

Advertised as ‘a modern coffee for the modern coffee drinker,’ this coffee releases a calming kick throughout the day.

Six-packs are available to buy here for £24, each containing a double shot of caffeine and 10mg of CBD.

High Tide: CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Made using the cold brew extraction process, this CBD coffee has a bold taste from its beans complemented by its sweet flavour.

This gluten and sugar-free, vegan-friendly caffeine kick is said to elevate stamina and boost performance during sporting activities while being naturally low in calories and fat.

Each 250ml bottle contains 5mg of CBD and can be purchased in a six pack for £25 here.

Equilibrium CBD: Infused Coffee

These Colombian ground coffee beans have been roasted in a way that allows the CBD to enhance, rather than overpower, their flavour.

With warming walnut and toffee tastes, these beans could turn you into a budding barista, as the CBD should combat the coffee jitters, meaning you’ll perfect that milk foam pattern.

Each 10 gram serving contains 10mg of CBD. You can buy a 100g bag for £17.95 here.

Flower Power Coffee: Dawn’s Kiss Decaf

This medium roast coffee infused with CBD is blended smoothly. This caffeine-free concoction should ease you into the day much more gently than a shot of espresso.

This coffee has hints of allspice, cinnamon and apricot tied together by a white chocolate blend. Each cup contains 5mg of CBD and no THC.

You can buy a 28g bag for £12.99 here.

Main Image Credit: Marina Sirazetdinova

All other images taken from websites linked in text and brand social media

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