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UK CBD association begins novel foods authorisation process

A UK CBD association has set a date for brands to apply for Novel Foods authorisation

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) has set a deadline of December 20 for their members to take part in the CBD Novel Foods application process.

The product testing stage will begin in the new year.

The European Commission classified all extracts of hemp and products containing cannabinoids as novel foods last year.

Novel foods have to be authorised and meet strict safety standards before they can be legally marketed in the EU.

The European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) defines novel foods as foods that do not have a significant history of consumption in the EU prior to May 1997.

The UK’s FSA is yet to announce any enforcement actions on non-compliant CBD products.

ACI regulatory and compliance lead, Dr Parveen Bhatarah, said:

“As more European countries enforce regulations based of EFSA’s Novel Foods classification of CBD it is essential ACI take this important first step to demonstrate we have a clear plan to ensure legal compliance for the industry within the UK and EU.”

CBD companies are required to meet Cannabinoid Quality Charter standards in order to become members of the ACI.

Dr Sarah Gaunt from the partners Global Regulatory Services said:

“Through a thorough analysis of world-class testing laboratories, we were able to identify the ideal partners to assist ACI, ensuring we compile watertight Novel Foods applications for our members.

“This enables us to create a solid foundation for building a responsible and safe industry in Europe and beyond.”

ACI market research found that 48% of the UK population do not have confidence in the CBD market.

The associations aim is to grow a legal, regulated and safe CBD market in the UK that meets the highest standards in product quality, satisfaction and safety.

The ACI announcement comes after the Dusseldorf Administrative Court imposed Novel Food regulations on CBD products in Germany.

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