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Australia: Doctor-controlled cannabis vaporiser hits the market

With mounting demand for access to medicinal cannabis worldwide, it was only a matter of time before medical technology needed to catch up and supply safe consumption devices.

This is exactly what Lifespot Health, an Australian medical diagnostic and monitoring technology company, have done; developing a high-tech approach to medical cannabis with their Medihale Vaporiser.

The vaporiser, developed by German medical cannabis technology brand, Seng Vital, and associated software developed by BodyTel, is a medical regulatory approved medical cannabis delivery system that provides patients ease of access to treatment for chronic pain conditions and other long-term health concerns.

With Bluetooth connectivity and biometric fingerprint scanning technology, the Medihale makes it easy for patients and their doctors to monitor use, ensuring the device is being used only as needed and keeping it safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Patients will need to connect their device to an app, which allows them to input medical data and automatically sends usage information to healthcare professionals, so that individual conditions can be effectively treated and managed.

The technology doesn’t stop there though, the device screen allows patients to input their ‘pain score’ which measures the amount of cannabis that the device will provide and, if any signs of misuse are detected, healthcare professionals are able to remotely lock the device to stop further use.

Lifespot Health’s non-executive chairman, Rodney Hannington, told Yahoo Finance Canada: 

“I don’t think anyone’s got the fully integrated system like we do. 

As the user vapes, they can enter their pain score and we can track how much they are vaping, and if their pain is being relieved or not.”

Developed to hold both dried cannabis and CBD oils, Lifespot Health have made sure their device is accessible to a wide range of patients requiring medical cannabis to manage long-term health issues.

To maintain maximum product safety, patients will require a medical cannabis prescription and will need to scan valid documents to authorise the device before they can begin using it.

According to Lifespot Health’s website, the Medihale is now internationally available to medical cannabis brands.

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