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A distraught Scotsman is facing a ‘crisis’ after police confiscated his medical cannabis.

A chronic migraine-sufferer has been left without his medical cannabis prescription after it was seized by police at his local mail sorting office. 

Liam Lewis even went to the police station with proof that the prescription was his, but cops still refused to hand it over. 

Instead, they said he failed to provide ‘satisfactory evidence’, hit Liam with a recorded police warning and allegedly threatened to charge him. 

The 29-year-old Scotsman now says he has nothing to treat his Functional Neurological Disorder, warning that he is facing a ‘physical and mental crisis’ without his monthly cannabis prescription. 

Liam’s husband, Edward Douglas, said:

“The sergeant said people are now coming up with sophisticated ways of sending cannabis and that the evidence we had wasn’t proof enough.

“We showed him clinical letters and the Sapphire patient portal where the prescriptions are logged, but he said that all of it could be made up…he even said to Liam ‘we know that you are just after drugs’.”

Edward Douglas

Liam explained that, before he had his prescription, he was ‘practically bedbound’…but cannabis gave him a ‘sense of purpose’ and let him live again. 

However, without his medication, a distraught Liam warned that his condition would only worsen and that he would face a ‘horrendous few weeks’ until he could get another prescription. 

He added:

“I really need this medication as it helps alleviate my migraines which are debilitating when they start.

“I have tried all sort of treatments on the NHS and none of them work. This is the only thing that works. 

“I don’t know what I will do if they don’t give it back and charge me…I won’t be allowed my prescription for months.”

Liam Lewis

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said that officers will ‘continue to engage’ with Liam as they try to ‘establish the full circumstances of the situation.’

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