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Raise Your Glass to a New Kind of Mindful Drinking & Socialising

Raise Your Glass to a New Kind of Mindful Drinking & Socialising

Hemp-Based Endorphin Enjoyment – without the Hangover 

Spirited Euphoria is a 100% natural hemp-based endorphin-releasing alternative to alcohol 

London, UK – Anyone looking to feel good, without alcohol, can now enjoy a high-end luxury hemp spirit that feels good while drinking it, without feeling bad the next day. Spirited Euphoria is a non-alcoholic distilled endorphin spirit from the newly established Endorphin Dealer Institute (Edi). It replaces the effects of alcohol thanks to its unique blend of hemp1, cannabidiol (CBD), nootropics2 and adaptogens3 that trigger feelings of pleasure and relaxation, without the downsides of alcohol.  

Expertly crafted by Master Distiller Anthony Wilson, also behind the creation of Seedlip, Spirited Euphoria is made from natural hemp terpenes4 from real hemp plants and the purest cannabidiol (CBD) isolate5. These high-quality ingredients combine with the natural cognitive-enhancing nootropics and relaxing adaptogens to help people feel good and unwind after a busy day, without inebriation or a hangover. 

“Drinking, its effects, and the ways we socialise have been untouched for thousands of years,” says Jean-Éric Vergne, Edi Co-Founder and world-renowned French racing driver. “Spirited Euphoria changes that, offering a refined way to relax and feel good in certain occasions and at certain times when alcohol isn’t quite right, but when that ‘unwinding’ sensation might still be appreciated.” 

Alexander Jakobi, Edi Co-Founder, adds: “Spirited Euphoria’s new kind of alcohol-free enjoyment offers something entirely different in non-alcoholic spirits. Alongside its pleasurable feel-good endorphin effect and zero hangover, it also brings to life the beautiful and intriguing range and variety of natural hemp flavours offering something really quite special.” 

Curious drinkers will enjoy its deliciously aromatic, complex and layered balance of citrus green, herbaceous hemp and peppery spice flavours, followed by a smooth, woody finish. Spirited Euphoria contains just two calories per serve, is THC-free, alcohol-free, vegan, sugar-free, carb-free, gluten-free and 100 percent natural. 

Available today from at £39.99 (70cl), Spirited Euphoria mixes beautifully with plain soda water, flavoured soda waters and tonic. It is particularly delicious mixed with chilled soda over ice and a twist of fresh orange peel, or a dash of orange bitters. 

Spirited Euphoria is ideal for occasions as wide ranging as wanting to avoid drinking alcohol on a night out, unwinding the night before a big day at work, a social gathering where you want to stay ‘switched on’, or simply as part of a longer-term goal to drink less, or more mindfully. 

As people drink it more frequently, they will feel more6. The beneficial effects of Spirited Euphoria’s nootranical blend builds over a period of time to create the ‘Edi Effect’ – a noticeable ‘feel-good’ sensation, with no ‘morning after’. The active functional ingredients work together to create the effect – which everyone experiences in their own way, but is typically an uplifted and relaxed feeling created from the endorphin effects of hemp, nootropics and adaptogens.  

The two Co-Founders behind the launch of Spirited Euphoria are Formula E racing futurists – a motorsport championship that uses only electric cars. In 2019, in the sunshine by a pool in Santiago, they realised they needed a new kind of drink. They wanted to relax, but also remain sharp for a race the following day – a release, but without the effects of alcohol. They’d seen firsthand how to disrupt racing without petrol and so set their sights on creating feel-good spirits without alcohol. They partnered with drink innovators7 Anthony Wilson and Helene Locke to bring their vision to life using a complex blend of high-quality natural, active and uplifting ingredients.

Spirited Euphoria is Edi’s first release in its range of luxury distilled endorphin spirits. A second is due to be launched in the summer, followed by a third in 2022.




High-resolution images are available here. Unless otherwise noted in file names, images are credited to Nick Howe

1 The hemp plant (cannabis sativa) is a specific strain of the cannabis plant grown for use in a variety of consumer products. It is not to be confused with other strains of the cannabis plant, which contain very different phytochemical properties used to produce marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp contains higher cannabidiol (CBD) levels and lower THC levels, making it ideal for Edi’s distilled endorphin spirits. CBD is an active ingredient of cannabis that’s legal, safe and not psychoactive.

Nootropics are smart, brain and cognitive-enhancing supplements (Edi only uses nootropics that come from natural sources).

Adaptogens are natural herbs and roots that have relaxed humanity for thousands of years and are widely used in herbal medicine to help relieve the stresses of life.

4 Terpenes are natural flavours and aromas found in nature. 

5 CBD isolate is pure isolated CBD, with everything else removed. Full spectrum CBD can contain terpenes, flavonoids and THC as well as other cannibidols, which – like THC – are not legal in the UK.

6 Spirited Euphoria can be enjoyed most evenings, but we don’t recommend more than three double serves in a day and we don’t advise mixing Spirited Euphoria with alcohol.

The wider Edi team of liquid innovators and developers, includes:

  • Anthony Wilson, Edi’s Master Blender. Anthony has led a high-profile career in brand innovation with 20 years of experience in creating world-class drinks. Anthony has been behind the creation and delivery of brands including Seedlip distilled spirits portfolio & Aecorn Aperitifs, The Cockspur Rum portfolio, Baileys Chocolat Luxe, Mary, Malfy gin and variants and Tipplesworth cocktails and mixers.
  • Helene Locke, Edi’s General Manager and Founding Partner, brings 16 years of drinks innovation expertise to Edi following various roles at Diageo and Distill Ventures. Helene was behind many of Diageo’s high-profile innovations including Tanqueray Seville, Smirnoff Infusions, Baileys Almande and new-to-world Irish whiskey Roe&Co. 

Serving Suggestions:

Pour a 50ml shot of Spirited Euphoria into a highball glass, add ice and top with chilled soda. Add a twist of fresh orange peel (releasing the rich orange oils), or a dash of orange bitters.

Spirited Euphoria’s dry, bittersweet flavours are also great in non-alcoholic cocktails:

  • Try it short – Muddle and strain 50ml of Spirited Euphoria, 25ml of grapefruit juice, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 bar spoon of honey, 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of pepper, 1 birds eye chilli, and fresh ice.
  • Try it long – Shake 65ml of Spirited Euphoria with 15ml lemon juice, 15ml of green tea cordial, 75ml of pineapple and ginger puree, and strain over fresh ice.

About the Founders (full bios here):

Formula E championship futurists Alexander Jakobi and Jean-Éric Vergne are the two founders: 

  • Alexander Jakobi, a qualified UK lawyer by trade, has been with Formula E since 2013 and represents several Formula E and Formula 1 racing drivers, as well as Hugo Boss as an advisor and ambassador. 
  • Jean-Éric Vergne is a world-class French racing driver boasting a raft of exceptional achievements. Following three years as official driver for the Toro Rosso Formula One Team (where he left with more points than any other Toro Rosso driver at the time), he became the only FIA Formula E Double World Champion back-to-back winner. Jean-Éric is also a global brand ambassador for Hugo Boss, Tag Heuer, DS Automobiles and the UK-based Big Cat Sanctuary. 

For more information, please contact:

Fiona Taylerson

Fairways Communications

Tel: +44 (0)7775 926903


About Endorphin Dealer Institute (call us ‘Edi’, pronounced Ed/ee):

We are a global laboratory that works across borders to pioneer, distill and legally deal in a new category of alcohol-free, ultra-premium spirits – endorphin spirits – endorphin-led alternatives to alcohol. Our ultra-premium distilled endorphin spirits blend a range of active ingredients to trigger feelings of pleasure, without the downsides of alcohol. 

‘Molecular masterblending’ is the proprietary method we use to distill all of our endorphin spirits, using all-natural ingredients selected and blended at a molecular level. Using breakthrough new distillation processes, we extract specific flavours and effects with absolute precision. By using intriguing natural ingredients like hemp, nootropics and adaptogens, we uplift the mind, body and spirit – a new type of drink for people who want mindful drinking experiences.

Put simply, we are pioneers of distilled endorphin spirits on a mission to find new ways to feel good. Find out more at

About Spirited Euphoria

Spirited Euphoria is a unique alcohol-free distilled endorphin spirit made from real hemp and a complex blend of high-quality, natural, active and uplifting ingredients. This ‘nootranical’ blend of complex natural hemp terpenes (nature’s fundamental building blocks of flavour) extracted from real hemp plants, the purest CBD isolate (cannabidiol in its purest, most natural form), natural nootropics (cognitive-enhancing supplements) and relaxing ancient adaptogens (herbs and roots that have relaxed humanity for thousands of years) won’t intoxicate you, but it will help you unwind after a busy day. This deliciously tasting bold blend is the first of its kind, which is why it needed a new word (nootranical).

The more often you drink Spirited Euphoria, the more you’ll feel the beneficial effects of its unique nootranical blend. The active functional ingredients work together to create a ‘feel-good’ sensation, which we call the Edi Effect. This physical effect is different for each person, but is often described as an uplifted and relaxed feeling. 

Spirited Euphoria contains 2 calories per serve, is THC-free, alcohol-free, vegan, sugar-free, carb-free, gluten-free and entirely natural. Spirited Euphoria has been scientifically certified, so this combination of natural ingredients is 100% safe to enjoy. You can enjoy Spirited Euphoria most evenings, but we don’t recommend more than three double serves in a day and we don’t advise mixing Spirited Euphoria with alcohol.

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