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Mee CBD launches innovative range of water-soluble formats

Mee CBD launches innovative range of water-soluble formats

– Experienced industry veterans launch a mission to demystify the power of the plant for everyday wellbeing. 

– Accessible and affordable vegan powders and liquids designed to get cannabinoids into our kitchen cupboards. 

CBD brand Mee launches a series of water-soluble formats this week, aiming to make CBD a more accessible lifestyle choice for mainstream health-conscious consumers.

With a more palatable price and delivery system, Mee offers enhanced strength and accessibility in a variety of formats to add to drinks and food, including sachets, drops and powders.

Mee CBD is created in the UK with organically-grown USA hemp providing ‘plant-science for everyday wellbeing’.  

Mee, named after pioneering conservationist and artist Margaret Mee, uses broad spectrum hemp extract in a water soluble format. This delivers the benefits of cannabinoids in an easily digestible and user-friendly format. The pioneering encapsulation technique encases the valuable cannabinoids in a plant-based coating which means the body absorbs them more efficiently. Offering significantly higher bioavailability compared to standard CBD oils, Mee products are showing a positive impact on daily wellbeing with early users.

The Team, with a combined background in cannabis product development and consumer brand development, hope that the focus on user-friendly formats and super simple ingredients will help demystify CBD. According to CEO Oli Osgood: “We believe CBD is fundamental to our diets but is often misunderstood and misused. With this new design and formats we hope that Mee CBD can integrate into anyone’s existing daily routines easily and enjoyably. We have extensive experience developing CBD products but Mee CBD is easily the simplest, most functional and definitely the most beautiful.” 

With trial sets in the range now starting at £9 Mee CBD is designed to encourage more people to explore the potential of organic cannabinoids for their mental and physical health. The product is available online and in select retailers in the UK. 

According to CTO and cannabis industry veteran, Phil Petelski: “We’ve spent over three years perfecting the Mee CBD range to be the simplest way of getting these powerful natural nutrients into your system. We are super excited to see CBD finally get its mainstream recognition for the volumes of research that connects it with supporting everything from sports rehab to sleeping.”

The distinctive new packaging design was created by The Space Creative, the branding agency behind uber successful sustainable brands including Pukka Teas and Faith In Nature.  The design features a dreamlike motif that tells of humankind’s connection with nature through an abstract series of illustrations and iconography.

The formats are:

  • Try Mee: £9 for a 3 pack of sachets 

A format innovation in the category, Mee CBD sachets are a super simple way to get CBD into your daily routine. Each sachet contains 20mg of organic CBD providing just the right restorative dose. The water-soluble powder is ultra mild-tasting so it can be mixed into any nutritious food or drink – we like ours in a smoothie, or in a flat white for a little pick Mee up. 

  • Mee Daily : £55 for a month of Mee (30 sachets)  
     All the goodness of our organic 20mg CBD sachets in a presentation box so beautiful you won’t stick it in the back of the bathroom cupboard and let all those gorgeous plant nutrients degrade – you’ll want it out by the kettle for when a pal comes over. This is also the perfect gift for a loved one in need of a mental or physical boost. 
  • Mee powder: £40
    The super versatile water-soluble CBD powder, mild tasting and instant impact. Mee Powder can be mixed into any liquid as part of your daily routine and is designed in a beautiful pouch to be kept alongside all your protein and vitamin supplements. Try Mee in a protein shake or a wholesome soup, or even mix a little into that hot toddy when you need a winter boost. 
  • Mee Drops: £50 for 30ml bottle 
     The perfect water soluble CBD for mild-tasting, instant impact however and wherever. Drop straight into the mouth or into a drink and feel the 20mg of CBD in a single pipette that gives you that ‘this is Mee’ feeling. 


For more information contact Toby Hicks on 0780-362-8050 or

About Mee

Mee CBD is a new range of plant-science products designed for everyday wellbeing. Mee CBD is part of the Master Plant portfolio, a commercial level licensed operator in the hemp-cannabis industries. For more information visit

Founding team bios
Phil Petelski
Philip is a founder of Master Plant and a world leading cannabis veteran with +14yrs experience in food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.  He has advised governments, professional bodies and +30 cannabis companies on topics ranging from policy and regulation, to design, build and operation of GMP infrastructure, to product development of the world’s leading water soluble technologies.  Phil’s unparalleled industry network and technical expertise forms the foundation of Master Plants activities.

Oli Osgood
Oli has extensive business building experience as a CEO, Investor and Adviser.  He founded Master Plant inspired by the magical healing properties of cannabis with a mission to democratise consumption for the benefit of people and plant.  Prior to Master Plant, Oli was a CEO in the Virgin and Strauss Groups along with 14 years private equity investment and financial director experience.  He is a London Business School Alumni and ACA qualified.

Eleanor Coates

Eleanor has nearly 20 years experience in marketing and brand development, working in some of the finest creative businesses in the world including WPP, Wieden & Kennedy, Warner Music and the BBC. Eleanor co-founded Mee CBD with her partners (and great friends) with a core belief in the power of natural science to meet many of the challenges of modern daily life.

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