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Day 3: CBD LIVE @ VOXPO. The world’s largest virtual CBD event draws to a close

All of the highlights of the second day of this virtual CBD expo, hosted by The CANNAVIST

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1. The impact women have on the legal cannabis industry and overcoming barriers to success

After being eased into the day with some relaxing meditation courtesy of Tara Kearney, we moved onto our first talk of the day.

The panel was hosted by CANNAVIST editor, Roisin Delaney, with guest speakers Kyra Reed, founder of Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEiC) and Jessica Steinberg, co-founder of the entOURage Network and head of community at Ohana CBD.

The discussion looked at the challenges and opportunities for women in the industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

All the panellists emphasised the value of female spaces that encourage inclusivity, with individuals working towards a collective good rather than racing to a finish line.

Jessica explained that Ohana was about using the female-led aspect of the business as a starting point for discussion.

There are many more inequalities to address and people to invite to the table. Jessica and her team are using their platform to enable these discussions to take place while also engaging with male allies.

Kyra argued that allies were essential but that we should look to the Black Lives Matters movement, where activists have demanded change, rather than asking others for it.

Jessica said that it can be frustrating to try to foster business relationships with men who have other motives.

However, she said that women can ensure that they are taken seriously by being confident, knowing how to interact and, above all, knowing their value.

2. CBD in sporting circles. The injuries we can and can’t see

The sporting world has truly embaced CBD in the past two years so it was great to get some invaluable insight a doctor and two leading sportsmen.

Clinical neuroscientist and nurtitional therapist Dr Elisabeth Philipps discussed the impact of physical sport on the body and brain and how this can be treated with CBD.

George Kruis is professional rugby player & cofounder of fourfivecbd.

The webinar also featured an interview with WWE champion and RVDCBD founder, Rob Van Dam.

George was introduced to CBD by fourfivecbd co-founder Dominic Day after the substance was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances.

He explained that the company had developed a 0% THC range geared towards athletes who cannot have any trace of banned substances show up during drugs tests.

George has seen more and more athletes open their minds to CBD over the past year or so.

Dr Phillips explained that inflammation underpins many common illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes which CBD could potentially help alleviate.

It could also help with acute inflammation from aches and pains and inflammation in the brain that people experience through contact sports.

While the research is yet to catch up with anecdotal experience, Dr Philipps said that the evidence of a benefit can be seen at lab level:

“The inference from those studies is that in the longer term, CBD is not only influencing the endocannabinoid system but is also influencing other areas of the body to balance the inflammation.”

Dr Philipps said that CBD is a ‘game-changer’ when it comes to managing pain in a holistic way as the nation faces an over-reliance on pain medication, not just in the sports world.

Rob Van Dam said that repeat concussion has had a devastating toll on the mental health of the wrestling community.

He’s now looking at CBD, CBG and potentially other cannabinoids as a potential neuroprotective solution.

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