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elénzia PURE CBD™: This one is for all the THC avoiders.

elénzia PURE CBD™: This one is for all the THC avoiders.

What kind of CBDer are you? If you are a THC avoider, here is why elénzia PURE CBD™ was designed specifically for you.

If you are reading this, it is likely you are – or are thinking of becoming – a 100 percent CBDer and that maybe THC is not your cup of tea.

We have got nothing personal against THC, just elénzia PURE CBD™ does not and never will provide THC and we want to highlight how we have gone a long way to ensure we do not.

Like everything at elénzia, it started with science, efficacy, and wellness. elénzia PURE CBD™ began with a deep understanding of the benefits of CBD.

The elénzia technical team were fascinated by the impressive science that clinical trials were reporting. It was clear that CBD had a high level of efficacy and could reduce pain, support immune function, recovery, aid sleep and even improve overall wellness.

The next stage was you, the consumer. What do you want and how can the elénzia technical innovation team deliver your ultimate CBD product?

This is where our insights team delved into the market trends to highlight consumer concerns and found five key attributes of a CBD oil product that consumers are looking for:

Safety – A key concern around safety is the THC levels.

Many people are aware there is a link between THC and CBD because they both grow in the same plant. But not many people know you can create a nature-identical version of CBD, reducing any risk of THC or conversion of CBD to THC once it’s on the shelf.

YES! Since cannabinoids are active compounds and unstable, they can convert into one another across their shelf life. elénzia proudly works with a high-quality stability company to continuously monitor elénzia PURE CBD™.

Another reason we monitor elénzia PURE CBD™ cannabinoid levels is to keep in line with the Novel Food Application we submitted. All digestible CBD products should have this, as it ensures you as consumers are safe.

Potency – When consumers begin to supplement with CBD, it’s important the product gives them the flexibility to adjust their dose.

Customers want to feel in control and able to use a dosage that suits their needs across their entire CBD journey.

elénzia PURE CBD™ enables the user to make one purchase which lasts up to 100 days, preventing frequent re-
purchasing and providing the ability to personalise their CBD journey.

Purity – High purity CBD ensures that every bottle purchased delivers the expected potency stated on the bottle.

This gives the consumer added confidence that their CBD routine can continue without adjustment, enabling them to consistently achieve the same results and reach their wellness goals.

Again, this is something elénzia monitors with an independent third party high-quality stability company.

Taste – Flavour is a key factor when engaging both new and existing users to take CBD products.

In its pure form, CBD is described as tasting earthy, with a tang of grass. Not a particularly pleasant flavour! Our goal is to make delicious, tasty products.

This one was easy for the technical innovation team, as nature-identical CBD has no taste, but the addition of a
sicilian lemon oil gives consumers something to look forward to.

Sustainability – With the rise of the ‘Conscious Consumer’, buyers are increasingly interested in the eco-credentials of their CBD oil.

Nature-identical CBD made from upcycled waste from the fruit industry provides the perfect solution with low environmental impact.

Read here on how elénzia PURE CBD™ is clinically created from orange peel.

You may have noticed the elénzia technical innovation team have made sure elénzia PURE CBD™ ticks all the boxes for a 100 percent CBDer and THC Avoider.

See the elénzia website for more information on who we are as a brand and why a holistic pure CBD is so important to us for you, our customer.

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