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Introducing ‘nature identical’ elénzia PURE CBD™

If you seek THC-free CBD, nature identical may ‘a-peel’ to you!

Did you know it is possible to create cannabidiol (CBD) from orange peel?

This might sound unimaginable but, like the many scientifically created vitamins out there, CBD is an organic compound that can be replicated from specific starting materials, using organic synthesis

Organic synthesis is a special branch of chemical synthesis which makes it possible to recreate identical versions of organic compounds found in nature, in a lab – hence the term ‘nature identical’.

This means that, through scientific innovation, we can create the nature identical version of the therapeutic and popular compound CBD, minus the risk of the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC).

Making CBD through synthesis also removes any risk of pesticides, bitter tasting plant terpenes, and potential inconsistencies in potency. It also means we can create CBD using a lot less resources. 

In reference to the latter, it would be premature to suggest that growing CBD isn’t eco-friendly or environmentally sustainable, but there is evidence to indicate that this may be the case.

We do, however, suggest that nature identical CBD created in a lab may have a lower carbon footprint since it uses a lot less water and land. 

Why take nature identical CBD and how is it made from orange peel? 

In plants, the therapeutic, non-addictive and safe cannabinoid CBD grows alongside psychoactive narcotic, THC. Therefore, when the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant there is a risk of THC being present, and this is often what can discourage people from taking CBD.

Additionally, as nature is so unpredictable, it also means there is a risk of contaminants and pesticides and, due to ever changing environmental conditions, a risk of fluctuating levels of THC.

However, the demand for CBD isn’t stopping anytime soon, with global sales reaching nearly $3bn in 2020 and estimated to rise by 20% come 2028.

So, like everything in high demand that requires labour, land, and resources, combined with some level of risk, we seek an alternative. Not because we should avoid plant derived CBD altogether, but because we like choice.

elénzia PURE CBD™ gives you that choice. It contains a nature identical CBD created using a natural cyclic monoterpene called D-Limonene which is a major component of the oil extracted from orange peel and the organic starting material olivetol methyl ester.

The D-Limonene is in fact a bi-product obtained during the manufacturing process of orange juice, making it that little bit more eco-friendly. It is then converted into CBD in a clinically controlled environment (a lab) under GMP conditions (a rigid set of processes that are certified safe and quality assured).

This specific nature identical CBD has been tested to show it too binds with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and targets the ECS, just as plant derived CBD would. It can therefore act on the ECS, aka the secondary sensory system within the human body, which influences how we think and feel, mirroring the effects of any other hemp-derived, consumer CBD product.


Whether it’s due to your job that requires drug testing or personal preference to avoid CBD altogether due to the uncontrolled risks of THC within plant derived CBD, then the nature identical form contained within elénzia PURE CBD™ might appeal to you. 

With the option to choose a sustainable, pure, potent, and consistently safe CBD oil, in a one size fits all bottle delivered via an oral syringe for flexible and exact CBD potency application, and offering a refreshing Sicilian lemon oil taste, you can start or continue taking CBD without any uncertainty.

Disclaimer: This sponsored content was written by elénzia

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