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seth rogan being interviewed about his business Houseplant


Seth Rogen unveils new concrete rolling tray for his brand Houseplant

Vancouver-born Seth Rogen has announced the release of his company Houseplant’s newest invention…an ‘all-in-one rolling tray’.

Posted as a video to his social media accounts, Seth demonstrated how consumers can use the beautifully-crafted glazed concrete surface.

Showing off the tray, Rogen playfully joked to the viewers: “If you’re like me, you roll a lot of joints, so many joints that you decided to invent your own rolling tray to accommodate your joint rolling needs.”

Priced at $485 online, the handmade rolling tray comes in three colours and consists of a slab for rolling, an ash pot and grinder, along with a complimentary pack of filters and papers thrown in for good measure.

The concrete rolling tray comes after a successful run of some ceramic-based products that are sold from the Houseplant website.

In 2019, Houseplant was introduced to the world by Rogen and fellow collaborator and co-founder Evan Goldberg, rolling out a collection of high-quality home goods along with their own strains.

With Houseplant, the pair are able to share the passion they both possess for cannabis and the lifestyle that comes with it.

“It was really a creative conversation about how we could bring the lifestyle of someone who smokes weed into fruition in ways that no one has before.”

Some of the products that feature on the Houseplant website are not usually what you would expect from a cannabis brand, that is why the lifestyle part of the business was implemented.

The actor, screenwriter, producer and director prides himself on helping shift perceptions around weed through his effortless campaigning and cinematic work, he believes Houseplant is the next step.

Along with the three cannabis strains, expect to find pottery ashtray sets, oil lamps, vinyl players, table lighters and the very popular rolling tray set under the lifestyle section of the brand.

When asked about their reasoning for this, Rogen said: “It was really a creative conversation about how we could bring the lifestyle of someone who smokes weed into fruition in ways that no one has before.”

The collections take heavy influence from their love of nostalgia, with product design coming mainly from the 1970s and 80s aesthetic era.

Rogen stressed how long stoners across the world store their weed accessories under a coffee table or in the back of a draw hiding from society.

Talking about his Houseplant products, Rogen said: “It deserves to be on your shelf, on your mantle, or on your coffee table.

“In a world where I’m looking at a decanter of whiskey and my martini shaker, it’s commonplace to have that displayed in your home.

“Why shouldn’t your ashtrays and your lighters be put on the same kind of plane?”

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