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How To Start A Career In The Cannabis Industry

Have you ever been interested in pursuing a career in the cannabis industry but felt too hesitant because of the little information provided in the UK?

With few laws allowing cannabis to be used or studied in the UK and Europe, it is understandable many individuals find themselves not knowing where to obtain their necessary education.

In this feature, The Cannavist will give you the rundown on what is required of you…if you are interested in pursuing a career in cannabis.

Why Choose A Career In The Cannabis Industry?

The global legal cannabis industry currently employs nearly 300,000 people worldwide and is growing exponentially year after year, projecting half a million job roles in 2022. 

The European cannabis market is expected to grow to $4.2billion by 2027, giving individuals plenty of time to prepare for a booming market similar to across the pond.

Picking The Right Course For You

Initially when looking to explore the possible modules and courses that you would want to take, pick and pursue what you would feel the most passionate about studying.

Identifying what you want to do from an early onset in the enrolling process will only increase the enjoyment you have for the course.

Your passion or interest in this industry is specific to you, but we do advise you know the reasons for undertaking that particular route of education.

If you are doing it solely for the financials, then look for a cannabis university that focuses on certain business courses designed for the industry.

Whereas, if it is more of a passion or love of the plant then look towards more of a cultivation and horticultural university experience.

If you speak to any European cannabis advocate, their primary focus at this time is keeping an eye on the legislation from certain countries that could snowball a complete lift on cannabis laws across the continent.

Displayed below are a few of the available cannabis universities, offering students from across the globe education on this miracle plant.

The Academy of Medical Cannabis

Based in London, The Academy of Medical Cannabis provides its students with the vital information required to successfully navigate the field of medical cannabis.

The course features bite-sized modules for you to complete in your own time, gaining new skills and accredited points towards your final grade.

You will start off as a total novice learning about the history of medical cannabis and its prohibition, fast-forward a few weeks and you will find yourself learning the comprehensive analysis of the endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis Training University

Offering the best in new courses for students worldwide, the Cannabis Training University has been promoted by many mainstream news stations across North America.

As this university is situated in the US, a variety of the courses they provide are specific to just the legal market such as, budtending, dispensary operations and cannabis delivery systems.

They even offer nine free e-courses covering the basics of industry and plant biology, letting potential students test the waters before committing to a full course.

Oaksterdam University

The self-proclaimed first cannabis college of America, Oaksterdam University is one of the most trusted providers of cannabis education in the world.

The university prides itself on the range of cannabis courses it provides, covering economics and public policy to learning the financial barriers prevalent in the cannabis economy.

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