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5 ways to practice self care with CBD during a crisis like COVID-19

It’s easy to feel anxious at the moment with Corona-updates dominating our daily news feeds. But it’s important to take time out to relax and look after yourself amidst the chaos of self isolation, working from home and trying to stay safe.

CBD is a wonderful way to help soothe corona-anxiety but what’s the best way to take it?

If you aren’t keen on vaping or find that you are confused about oils, don’t stress as there are multiple ways to relax, take some downtime and get your CBD.

Here are some of our favourite ways to add CBD to our new daily routine.

1. Bath time

Nothing beats the relaxation of a bubble bath with a great read (grab the latest issue of The CANNAVIST!)

Why not try a CBD bath bomb to get some extra-soothing suds? 

Bath bombs come with different combinations of essential oils to give you a truly relaxing experience, especially those with lavender, bergamot or chamomile. 

We love: Bath bombs from £9.99 from British brand, CBD Embrace.

2. Hot Chocolate, with a twist

Switch off for the evening with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

You can always pop a drop of CBD oil into your drink or buy hot chocolate readily infused with CBD. Just don’t forget to add marshmallows and cream!

We love: Paradise CBD: CBD Infused Hot Chocolate £12

3. Bake those blues away

…with rich hemp extract.

It’s not just hot chocolate that you can add some CBD to.

Our recipe section is full of CBD-infused treats, from Irish soda bread to soup. 

It’s easy to adjust recipes slightly to include a little drop of oil or full spectrum hemp paste.

Just substitute whatever fat ingredient you would normally use for some unflavoured hemp or CBD oil.

We love: Rich hemp oil by CBD Ultra

4. Hands up for hand cream

Our hands are definitely feeling the effects of the coronavirus, with all the washing and harsh alcohol-based sanitisers.

Hand cream infused with CBD is the perfect way to show your hands some TLC and get some extra moisture into those nails while we wait for the salons to reopen. This is especially great if you suffer from eczema.

We love: Cubid CBD Re:new Hand Cream £30

5. Sweet dreams are made of these…

Did you know that you can now get CBD pillows and blankets?

Crazy, right?

The latest in CBD infused innovation, these bedtime essentials are infused with micro-capsules that break as you move in the night, releasing tiny little doses throughout your sleep.

So far, the pillows are only available in the US but you can find CBD sprays in the UK.

We love: CBD pillow $99 (only available in the US)

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