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Fighting fit with CBD

Fighting fit with CBD

Dr Elisabeth Philipps is a clinical neuroscientist by training and expert in the endocannabinoid system. The King’s College London and Oxford graduate looks how CBD may help you get fit in 2021.

Want to get lose that lockdown weight or take up a new sport? Dr Elisabeth Philipps looks at the potential benefits of CBD for keeping fit and completing at the highest level.

I’ve worked with a lot of top athletes and many of the England rugby team. What we’ve found is that sleep is absolutely paramount to performance, recovery and resilience.

If you can get your sleep right, then you’re going to have the knock-on benefits and all of those areas: fewer injuries, better injury recovery and better performance.

The research that I’m doing and looking into has found that CBD really helps in injury and recovery, in particular, around bone health, both in maintaining general bone health and strength.

Studies are also beginning to show that there is an improvement in bone regeneration, so around fractures, for example. 

CBD has been shown in models to really help to reduce the amount of damage done to the brain after traumatic brain injury. So for impact sports like rugby, using CBD as part of a programme could have huge benefits.

If you would like to incorporate CBD into your sport or fitness regime, firstly think about what you want to take it for. If it’s for sleep, you’ll want to take an oil spray, for example, in the evening. But if it’s for general energy and mood, you can take it in the morning.

Alternatively you might want to try something more topically like a CBD gel or muscle rub to treat an injury or sore muscles if you’d rather not use a tincture or spray.

Come and talk to us at fourfivecbd and we’ll be able to suggest ways of adding products into your routine that’s going to suit your training.

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