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Medical cannabis patient Xavier Clarke speaking about his passion for the plant.


Patient stories: How medical cannabis helps me manage my pain

We love speaking to medical cannabis patients. Not only are they hugely passionate about the cause, they also have a better understanding of how the process actually works than many of those who work in it.

Xavier Clarke is no exception.

The keen martial artist was injured in an accident at home, leading to chronic and debilitating pain. Physio followed, along with numerous trips to see a specialist. All they could offer for the pain was opiates like morphine, alongside benzodiazepines and SSRIs. At one stage, Xavier was on 28 tablets a day.

Xavier would eventually obtain a private medical cannabis prescription which proved to be a game-changer. He now wants to switch from opiates for good, but his GP does not approve, despite cannabis evidently leading to a huge improvement to his quality of life.

Xavier said:

“I hate the fact that I’m still dependent on these medications and I don’t quite know how I’m going to get off them just yet because there’s no real support for someone like me under the NHS.

“I’m probably costing the NHS more by taking the opioids and than I would if I wasn’t on them anymore. Also, the panic and paranoia and fear from withdrawal can trigger me thinking that I need to see a doctor and when clearly I don’t. But if I wasn’t taking these tablets, and I wouldn’t be in that position.”

Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel below.

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